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Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to improve the usability of your visits to our website. These cookies are necessary to guarantee you that our website can function correctly. Functional cookies are used to temporarily store information about users and do not collect personal information, such as your identity.

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With analytical cookies we enhace the user experience on our website. We use Google Analtyics to track and analyze data. Based on the collected data we learn more about our visitors and their behaviour on our website. Please note that we can not identify who you are and where you are exactly. We do not trace IP addresses back to individual users.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are used to collect user data for marketing purposes by tracking activity. Based on your browsing history across different domains and your interests targeted ads are being served to you.

Privacy Statement

You know what, we're all about being open and honest. We're certainly not going to bore you with some super looong story. We're straightforward, simple as that. We just want to ensure you we won't do anything crazy with the collected data. The same goes for your poppin' creations and your (dirty) secrets.... PINKY PROMISE!

That's it

We serve cookies to improve the usability of your visits to mololoco.com. That's sounds pretty sweet, right? Therefore, we just need some data - so we can also make sure you won't forget about us, hihi. JUST KIDDING! What we would like to do is serving you the best and most relevant ads. That's why we serve you some delicious third-party (tracking) cookies. And last but not least, if you fill in our contact form, we know how to reach you. That's it!

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