Digital Out-of-Home

Digital Out-of-Home displays are vibrant and catchy. They are everywhere - at the airport, besides the highway and all across the city. As an advertiser it's pretty awesome to have such a high reach. While creating your very own DOOH campaign there are a few things you have to take into account. Since your target audience is moving from one place to another there's a relatively short period of time to consume your content. That's why you need (engaging) snackable content that triggers to take action. Nomnomnom.

Just DOOH it

When you're using public transport, travelling by car or walking through the city, you'll probably pass at least one DOOH. Digital Out-of-Home advertising is a great (offline) way to target and reach potential customers with HUGE canvases - filled up with unique and interactive content. So, just DOOH it!


Video is booming! Combining video with Digital Out-of-Home is not just an awesome idea - you're able to enrich your content by adding some advanced features. Sounds super fancy (and it actually is). You could target your prospects based on their location or the current weather. Targetting upgrades your DOOH campaign and makes it relevant. That way it's easier to connect with your target audience.

Check out the DOOH campaign we've created for Landal GreenParks. The content automatically adjust itself based on weather conditions. On sunny and rainy days different content is shown. Pretty darn cool right?


Toto's DOOH campaign showed content based on location. Numerous football matches were announced in cities across the Netherlands. The upcoming matches in northern cities differ from the matches in southern cities. Besides that, we've added a dynamic feature - a countdown to kickoff.

DOOH campagnes

It's pretty obvious Digital Out-of-Home campaigns have a lot to offer. Your brand stands out, you're delivering relevant content to your target audience and your ads are where they are. As a result you keep your existing customers engaged and attract new potential customers. FYI: Digital Out-of-Home campaigns blend in very well with your online campaign(s).

Videos destined for your brand's online campaigns easily can be used in your DOOH campaigns. The biggest challenge of the process is serving the Digital Out-of-Home creations in the right specs... but we got you. You'll be carefree during the whole shebang. We make sure the outcome is a unique and awesome DOOH campaign. Are you curious which campaigns we've produced? Check it out!

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Smooth & silky videos, awesome social filters and colorful DOOHs..
A few drops of lotion and there you go... Would you like this for your brand too?