About us

Hi there! While you’re here we’d like to tell you something about us - what’s in our DNA.

Jouw digitale wereld zal vanaf nu nooit meer hetzelfde zijn. Geen doffe videos en suffe filters meer, pfiew! Bij ons krijgen jij en de gebruikers enkel unieke creaties, waanzinnige ervaringen en kleurrijk gevulde canvassen geserveerd. Social video’s, social filters & DOOH creëren die verbazen en triggeren – dat is onze missie.

Producing smooth & silky motions is actually just a part of our work process. We believe that the most exciting part is finding that one feature that makes it really poppin’! That’s why every creation gets the same amount of tender, love & care. Yeah. Our biggest passion is to make the most bright and vibrant creations you’ll ever see. And make your campaigns more powerful than ever. Sounds pretty darn good, right?

Sooo… are you ready to become our partner in crime?

We’re all about that two-way bonding type of thing. So we’d love to get to know you too! Send us a random message, give us a call or remain our mystery guest forever...


It all began with our big sis - Men in Green. She noticed a big demand for video & animations. The demand kept growing and KABOOM molo loco was born. In this way, she still can deliver high quality ads and splendid service. That's what's up. We're a perfect fit. Men in Green focuses on display and molo loco specializes in motion design. Display campaigns are very similar to design processes. Usually, the deadlines are asap so we make sure we're always both fast & flexible.

We can guarantee top notch quality and high-speed delivery. FOR SURE. Simply because it's in our DNA, our way of working. Working with us means we always perform a quality check (QA) and unlimited feedback. The outcome are smooth & silky creations & a happy you #goals.

Our team is the most awesome team in the whole wide galaxy. We happily work very hard to deliver vibrant campaigns and so you can enjoy the ride.

Our way of working determines the outcome - success in every aspect and an unique campaign. We got it from our sister.



Advertising on the Gram is much more than posting videos. Boost your visibility and experiment with Stories, Poll Ads and Caroussels.


Enrich your campaigns with cool (video) content on Facebook. Create vibrant video posts or inspire your target audience with Instant Experiences.


Just let it roll! Pre's, Mids, Online Videos. Or do you prefer those 6 seconds sticky Bumper Ads?

Social Filters

Social Filters are much more than just those adorable animal face filters. Experiment with awesome features such as games and facial expression recognition filters.


Video suites every platform. So it's time to mix it up! Go for a video display campaign or an Instore Screen. We most definitely can help you out, you know...

Digital Out-of-Home

Mostly seen by passengers. It's key to display a clear message which is shown in a unique way.

Smooth & silky videos, awesome social filters and colorful DOOHs.
A few drops of lotion and there you go... Would you like this for your brand too?