Social Filters

What would our digital world without social filters be like? Guess we’ll (luckily) never find out, since they’ve merged into our favourite apps. Besides that they totally upgrade our pics an vids, the usage of social filters is beneficial for brands too. There are millions of Instagram filters, Snapchat filters and Facebook filters - in all kinds of flavours. The best part of those filters is they blend our real world into our digital world.

Instagram Filters

On a daily basis social face filters get a substantial amount of views. Face filters are used in Instagram Stories. As a result, there are plenty filters to upgrade your content.

Those cute animal ears are awesome, but did you know there a lot of other features you can add to your filters? For example, you could experiment with game and quiz elements. Additionally, there are filters which are activated by facial expressions. Users will be so triggered to try out your filter.

Key is that filters need to match your brand. If they don’t strike with either your brand or your target audience they won’t be effective. Users need to be triggered to use them and take a specific action.

Snapchat Filters

Oh Snap! Sending Snaps will be even more fun with filters and lenses. For instance, add some special effects to your filters. Let users experiment with funny physical characteristics and voice filters. It's also possible to add a whole other dimension and let Snaps come alive with 3D Snapchat filters. iPhone users can activate their 3D depth camera.

Branded user generated content

Snapchat is the founder of face filters and lenses, but isn't the only player in the field since Instagram and Facebook offer them too. Augmented Reality (AR) filters connect users to brands while creating content.

Social filters stimulate user generated content. It boosts your brand (identity) too. The use of social filters is (mainly) free and they are easy to use.

Facebook Filters

Facebook is also your go-to platform for filters and lenses. You'll find the latest Stories at the top of your feed.

Nothing can stop you from starting with social filters, right? Augmented Reality (AR) filters and lenses truly add value to users' content. Besides that, Filters generate engegament for your brand.

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