Social Video

Social videos are the regular posts, ads and stories users see while scrolling through their newsfeed. Video is more booming than ever. Due to the growing video consumption video content will continue to rise.

Every day millions of videos are being uploaded and watched on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Among those videos there are a bunch of branded videos too.

Social videos provide a lot of traffic to your website. They also improve brand perception, trigger users to take specific actions and are beneficial to a customer’s purchase intention.

In order to achieve this outcome it’s important to produce powerful creative content. Therefore videos must match a brand’s DNA and anticipate customers needs

Instagram Video

They see me scrollin', they swipin'. Have you ever been at the bottom of your newsfeed? Instagram feeds are endless, for real. Considering the amount of users and uploaded content that's pretty predictable. Instagram is hot, and so is social video by the way. Combining those too is pretty darn smart, you know.

Instagram Feed

It’s time to freshen up that feed with some dazzling social videos. Don't forget to share that #instagood content.

Instagram Stories & Swipe-Ups

There's more to Instagram than just posting a couple of videos. Enhance your brand visibility and go wild while experimenting with Swipe-Ups!

Social Video-Instagram
Social Video-bol-com
Social Video-Flag
Social Video-Bomb
Social Video-Facebook
Social Video-Jackpot
Social Video-Lot
Social Video-Lot

Facebook Video

Despite of all the other social media channels Facebook is still a true OG. If you own a business account; don't underestimate the power of posting (sponsored) content on this platform.

Facebook Feed

Enrich your campaign with (sponsored) posts on Facebook.

Facebook Instant Experience

Facebook Instant Experience seems like a regular ad, but... WOW! So many options to display your content.

YouTube Video

Do you know how many social videos are being uploaded on YouTube every second? AAAA LOT. Besides those funny home videos and AWWW animal videos, YouTube is the place to be as a brand.

YouTube Bumpers

Tailgating 2.0, but actually very satisfying. Can you imagine? Short and powerful, sounds like a dream to us.

YouTube OLV

And… CUT! That Online Video. We make sure your OLV is undeniably captivating.

Social Video-You-Tube
Social Video-Pizza
Social Video-Pizza-Punt
Social Video-Pizza-Punt-2

Other Social Video

Are you looking for that one feature that makes your content even more awesome? Dynamic, interactive… Choose your flavour. Omnomnom…

Dynamic Social Video

(Automatically) personalised content for each user. Sounds awesome, right? It can be challenging, but we're here to help.

Interactive Video & Shoppable Video

Interaction is totally hot(spots). Add hotspots to your social video and experience what interactive content can do.


Subtle and flowy images with endless loops, loops, loops.

Into the Galaxy

Check it out


Check it out

Crocs Instore

Check it out

Knab Bank

Check it out

Smooth & silky videos, awesome social filters and colorful DOOHs.
A few drops of lotion and there you go... Would you like this for your brand too?