TikTok advertising: What to expect?

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TikTok is booming. The user-generated video sharing app is continuously increasing its popularity. Clearly, this makes TikTok advertising very compelling to brands. So be there or be square.

TikTok Advertising helps to boost your views and engagement. TikTok Advertising is ready to blossom and we can't wait. What can we expect from this brand new platform?

TikTok for brands

TikTok has surpassed 500 million active users worldwide and this number keeps rising.

Gen Z has grown up in a hyper-connected digital world. They are familiar with the internet and highly reliant on social media. The app is mainly used by teenagers and more and more by people in their 20s. TikTok's algorithm - which shows users perzonalized recommendations based on their past behaviour - is one of the greatest causes of the app's success.

As a brand you can easily reach your target audience with creative videos. Besides that, you can engage them by setting up challenges.

TikTok for brands offers a variety of choices:

  • Post relevant content on your brand's TikTok account.
  • Collaborate with influencers.
  • Advertise on TikTok.

If your brand has a great reach #hashtag challenges are the perfect way to increase engagement and awareness. Simultaneously, you'll build an engaged audience, who creates authentic user-generated content that boosts your awareness. This entails a strong brand experience and higher purchase intent. Get your #hashtag challenge started by using your brand account or collaborate with an influencer.

TikTok advertising

TikTok advertising is live! TikTok advertising is currently in the beta phase and is available to advertisers with beta access.

It won't be long before TikTok advertising is accessible for all advertisers. In the meantime, we're able to learn more about TikTok advertising, its options and what we can expect from TikTok ads. Currently, TikTok advertisers have 5 choices:

  • In-Feed native video
  • Branded Lenses & Filters
  • Hashtag challenge
  • Branded TakeOver
  • Top View

In-Feed native video

In-Feed ads are similar to In-Feed ads from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. TikTok's For You section shows users branded native videos while scrolling through their feed.

Increase your reach with vertical videos that are perfectly merged into the main feed. For this reason, branded content blends seamlessly with the regular content.

Branded Lenses & Filters

Augmented Reality (AR) lenses and face filters persuade users to interact with your brend. Go wild with 2D, 3D, morph effects and Augmented Reality (AR).

Lenses and filters allow users to get fimiliar with your brand and/or product and increase their purchase intentions.

Hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges motivate users to take specific actions and share these with their followers. Hashtag challenges are driven by organic content, but spread more awareness when being sponsored. Branded hashtag challenges are powerful, drive a lot of traffic and can go #viral - if they are set up correctly.

Boost your engagement and increase your reach.

Branded TakeOver

Branded takeovers are full-screens ads that pop-up when opening the app. You can create a static TikTok ad and GIFs.

Draw users' attention and increase your brand awareness.

Top View

TikTok also offers top view. Top view are branded video ads that are being shown when opening the app. They are similar to branded takeovers. The only difference is that in-feed videos can be used for top view ads.

Increase the views and reach more users.