Rituals Promotions

We've produced multiple Rituals Promotions campaigns for Rituals Germany and Great-Britain. These campaigns contain social posts that show Rituals products in 3D settings. This accentuates the natural and beautiful ingredients of the various rituals. These campaigns take discovering and experiencing Rituals up to another level.

Enjoy Rituals’ 360º experience!


Social Promotions

For the campaigns, we've created a variety of social posts. They highlight the showerfoams and al kinds of fragrance sticks. The foams and sticks are a combination of sweet, soft and fresh scents. So delicious!

Instagram Stories

For the German market we've produced several Instagram Stories. The Stories show showerfoams and fragrance sticks promotions. Swipe Up to discover!

The Rituals promotions videos show the gifts you'll get with each other, such as the rituals Karma, Happy Buddha, Ayurveda and Dao. The subtle animation and CTA trigger users to take a look in the webshop. Besides that, we've made some stunning display ads in collaboration with Men in Green for desktop and mobile. In order to experience the rituals even better Men in Green has added some interactive features.

Into the Galaxy

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Crocs Instore

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All Mixed Up

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Smooth & silky videos, awesome social filters and colorful DOOHs.
A few drops of lotion and there you go... Would you like this for your brand too?